What do they plan to do with the Intellectual property? Square it or utilization it.

Republican sources say that Hendon, the mother-in-law of Ohio Treasurer and former Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters, also is being strongly considered for seat on the Ohio Supreme Court. Hendon has been considered for the high court before. She is considered an attractive candidate because she is a woman and comes from a strong Republican part of the state and a “specialty” court. She has made it known, though, that she would love to stay in Hamilton County on the Appeals Court.

As the most generally utilized business valuation procedure for deciding the estimation of Intellectual property, it gauges the quality taking into account the reason that, since the purchaser would claim the advantages, sovereignties would not need to be paid keeping in mind the end goal to utilize it. This methodology catches the estimation of the Intellectual property that was perceived by the current holder as though they needed to permit it. This is an entangled issue, and each one case must be assessed all alone merits and the potential use of the Intellectual property.

David Grossmann, the immediate past presiding Hamilton County Juvenile Court Judge, also is looking for a new job. He is seeking the GOP’s nod to run against Democratic Hamilton Commissioner Todd Portune in 2004. How-ever, two other Republicans — Jim Sumner, a former Blue Ash mayor and current council member there, and Russ Jackson, an Anderson Township trustee — also want to take on Portune.

Two other Republicans are being mentioned as the top contenders to become the next director of the Hamilton County Board of Elections. Assistant prosecutor John Williams, who has been active on several political campaigns, and Todd Ward, a current Board of Elections member, are vying for the slot expected to be vacated when current Board of Elections director Julie Stautberg is appointed a Municipal Court judge.

The basic permitting suppositions oblige an intensive investigation and irrefutable documentation. Certain elusive resources, for example, client connections and contracts, can be esteemed utilizing an Excess Earnings approach. This idea is based upon the hypothesis that the horrible income of an organization is produced by using a mix of the organization’s advantages, including net working capital, land, individual property and immaterial resources.

Stautberg is expected to be named to replace Judge Ethna Cooper, who is expected to be appointed a Common Pleas Court judge replacing Tracey, who left the bench in August to become a Xavier University professor. Stautberg and Cooper also are Republicans.Paramount’s Kings Island, which pulled the plug on its WaterWorks theme area Sept. 1, will replace it with Boomerang Bay, a “Down-Under” themed resort area. The 15-acre site will have four new attractions.